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27 years ago

Le 6 April 2017, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

27 years ago, Patrick - Ewing in 47 minutes 24 of 24 shots in 17, scored 37 points and 19 rebounds and 2 assists and career-high 9 blocked shots to help the New York Knicks at home 114-104 beat Philadelphia 76ers The 76 player Charles - Barkley in 44 minutes 22 of 13 shots C.J. Cron Jersey, empty cut 39 points and 15 rebounds and 3 assists. After the Durant injury, the Warriors this season, the biggest goal of the regular season is to keep the league's top position, to ensure that all rounds of the playoff home advantage Mike Trout Jersey. But in March, the Warriors suffered a strong challenge to the Spurs, ranking once opponents overtake. Fortunately, the Warriors timely adjustment of the state, played a wave of 12 straight. Warriors not only regain the league first Angels Jersey, but also with the Spurs' lead to expand to 3.5 wins. In the regular season Warriors left 4 games, the Spurs left 5 games in the case Danny Espinosa Jersey, the Warriors locked the regular season record is basically only a matter of time. So, before the arrival of the playoffs, the Warriors opened a new round of holiday plans. In yesterday's home 122-102 victory over Orlando Magic game, Thompson played 28 minutes, 3 shots 1 get 2 points 3 rebounds 1 assists and 1 blocked shots. In the game Thompson thumb injury, he accepted the X-ray after the game, the results showed no structural damage, but for the sake of insurance, the Cavaliers decided to let him truce.

Warriors on a war to 121-107

Le 6 April 2017, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

Warriors on a war to 121-107 win over Timberwolves, ho take 12 consecutive victories, continue to maintain a strong, Thompson Hao take 41 points, Curry is sent 19 points and 9 assists. And the Warriors recently bloody, Kevin - Durant's injury recovery is also very smooth Mitch Moreland Jersey, he is expected to come back this weekend. And if the warriors can beat the sun on the 6th, will be able to tie the Heat to keep the season's longest winning streak (13 straight) Josh Rutledge Jersey. Eagles are now 39 wins and 38 losses record, ranked sixth in the East, only the first nine Heat 2 wins difference, leading the tenth of the Hornets 3.5 wins difference, from their schedule, they missed the playoffs The probability is not small. Eagles are now very unsatisfactory, the past 11 games only made 2 wins and 9 losses record, including the encounter a wave of 7-game losing streak, there is no Eastern Spurs Fan children. They are now 5 games left, the schedule is very difficult, opponents are the Celtics, Knights (April 8), Knight (April 10), the Hornets and the Pacers, which the Green Army and Knights in the fight for the Eastern One, the Hornets and the Pacers compete for the playoff seat. Therefore, the eagle finally encountered a wave of five-game losing streak is not surprising. Since the 2004-05 season Charlotte Bobcats (Hornets predecessor) joined the NBA since the Heat and the Hornets played in the regular season 50 times, Heat 34 wins and 16 losses dominate Matt Barnes Jersey. Tomorrow's game is the fourth season of the season, the first three times the Hornets 2 wins and 1 losses slightly prevail Roenis Elias Jersey. October 29, 2016, the two teams in the second game of the season on the narrow line, away the Hornets scoring six pairs, 97-91 away victory. December 30, 2016, Nicholas - Batum sent 16 points and 13 rebounds and eight assists to help the Hornets home 91-82 win the Heat again. March 9 this year, the Heat finally at home 108-101 pulled a city, Dragic scored 22 points and six rebounds and 10 assists.

The field of the best ball

Le 6 April 2017, 06:24 dans Humeurs 0

The field of the best ball then go to the inside of the field after a rush to destroy the Wickkins layup, immediately force full-speed dribble to the front three-point arc at the top, while the next brother has long been killed in the basket under. Curry body side to the left, left hand homeopathic by the back to draw a semicircle, the ball from the hands of an accurate fly to the hands of a brother, a brother catch the ball, homeopathic two steps through the basket backhand ball into the basket. The cheers of the audience seems to have opened the momentum of the roof of the stadium. This rush to steal the back layup, such as mercury diarrhea to smooth, even Meng Shen himself seems to have been Meng to the side of the defense Carlton Fisk Jersey, while biting his teeth happy to laugh Carson Smith Jersey. As Paul said, the Clippers sometimes do well Roger Clemens Jersey, early in the season they played 14 wins and 2 losses record, ranked first in the West. "We want to be better at the beginning of the season, but I will not say how bad we are now." Griffin said, "This requires the process that we are getting better, but we still need to solve some problem. Warriors will be on the sun. At present, the Warriors 64 wins and 14 losses, the record ranked first in the West, the sun 22 wins and 56 losses, the record ranked the first in the west. With the shooting of superb players Sandy Leon Jersey, Curry and Booker between the contest, no doubt people look forward to. Tencent sports will be the game live video.

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