Rodman also believes that compared to the situation of Jordan that year, in the current league ranking scoring first is a "very easy thing." "They are too simple to define the great Yunel Escobar Jersey, Michael - Jordan is much stronger in the defensive strength to do the premise of what he did? He 10 consecutive season scoring ranking first in the league, at that time it is Difficult one thing, and now it's easy. Rodman's memory is still some deviation, Jordan is actually seven consecutive years to win the scoring, 12 season, 10 season ranked league scoring first. Even so, it is enough to be legendary. If he feels good, he may play on the team on Friday, and if he does not feel the pain, he will come back on Saturday. Anderson on March 25 this year against the New Orleans pelican race sprained right ankle Andrew Bailey Jersey, missed the Rockets in the past five games Jered Weaver Jersey, during which the Rockets record only 2 wins and 3 losses. This season Anderson played for the Rockets 68 games, all starting, averaging 13.5 points and 4.7 rebounds, three-point shooting close to four percent Kole Calhoun Jersey. In his total absence of nine games, the Rockets 4 wins and 5 losses.