The field of the best ball then go to the inside of the field after a rush to destroy the Wickkins layup, immediately force full-speed dribble to the front three-point arc at the top, while the next brother has long been killed in the basket under. Curry body side to the left, left hand homeopathic by the back to draw a semicircle, the ball from the hands of an accurate fly to the hands of a brother, a brother catch the ball, homeopathic two steps through the basket backhand ball into the basket. The cheers of the audience seems to have opened the momentum of the roof of the stadium. This rush to steal the back layup, such as mercury diarrhea to smooth, even Meng Shen himself seems to have been Meng to the side of the defense Carlton Fisk Jersey, while biting his teeth happy to laugh Carson Smith Jersey. As Paul said, the Clippers sometimes do well Roger Clemens Jersey, early in the season they played 14 wins and 2 losses record, ranked first in the West. "We want to be better at the beginning of the season, but I will not say how bad we are now." Griffin said, "This requires the process that we are getting better, but we still need to solve some problem. Warriors will be on the sun. At present, the Warriors 64 wins and 14 losses, the record ranked first in the West, the sun 22 wins and 56 losses, the record ranked the first in the west. With the shooting of superb players Sandy Leon Jersey, Curry and Booker between the contest, no doubt people look forward to. Tencent sports will be the game live video.